Over the past two and a half years, from September 2013 through the present, I and the Town Council of Pilot Butte have engaged with Michael Katz as he took his vision of a community called Heartland Glens in Pilot Butte from bare land and bare ideas to a final polished product that was approved by Council and the provincial Community Relations Branch.


Michael elaborated a vision of community and developed a welcoming and meticulously crafted design of the site and buildings that gives every expectation of transforming that vision into a reality like a Swiss village. He worked closely with Council through the entire process in less than one year, and Council was impressed with the attentiveness and consideration that Michael gave to Council's ideas and concerns, and the responsiveness with which he adjusted his design to incorporate Council's priorities.


Throughout, Michael demonstrated a deep and extensive knowledge of municipal government issues as the regulatory and financial framework and processes within which the Town of Pilot Butte must operate. This was particularly the case when Michael worked with the Town Administrator to negotiate and finalize the Servicing Agreement governing the project's development.


Further, Michael demonstrated strong initiative in working with Council to resolve key municipal growth concerns. For example, he directly contributed to the elaboration of the Town's strategy for the development of additional wastewater capacity. And several years ago, Michael initiated and let an exercise involving all four municipalities of the White Butte region and the Saskatchewan Watershed Authority that led to a provincial task force, which confirmed that the Zehner aquifer would adequately support potable water requirements for municipal growth east of Regina for the coming 25 years.


Finally, Michael always demonstrated strong focus on results and success, and superior written and verbal communication skills, matched with an upbeat and always respectful attitude to Council regardless of the challenging circumstances and issues. His consultation and collaboration skills were crucial in enabling Council to critique and ultimately approve the Heartland Glens community design and project.

Nat Ross - Mayor, Town of Pilot Butte
March 17, 2016


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