Project Management

Project Management

The Heartgold Commitment Is To Higher Exceptional Service.

Heartgold offers a complete range of services and management to deliver exceptional construction, from simple buildings to complex facilities for residential and commercial clients.

You can count on our depth of experience and our hard work and integrity on every project. We deliver your visions and plans on budget, on time.

The Heartgold Way:

A process that delivers your plans.

  1. It starts with detailed discussion and a site review. We listen. And we ask questions that get to the core of what you’re seeing. And what the challenges are. And what the possibilities are, based on our depth of experience and expertise. We empower your vision and we extend what you can do with your budget.

  2. We provide full plans with a detailed set of specifications that confirms your selections, plus a detailed description of what will be done – you’ll know that what you’re asking for is what you will see.

  3. Heartgold uses only top materials, which in many cases are rarely used in the industry – to fulfill our commitment for quality and to back our industry-leading guarantees. For example, for bathroom walls and ceilings, Heartgold uses Sherwin-Williams Duration Home Interior Latex, the SW highest quality paint, specially formulated with Moisture Resistant Technology, offering durability and washability in moist environments like bathrooms. Also delivers anti-microbial resistance, with agents which inhibit growth of mold and mildew on the surface of paint film. This paint is costly – it exceeds the industry standard – it is another Heartgold commitment to higher service.

  4. We are regulatory experts and we handle the entire process of permitting and inspections and approvals. This includes development, building and electrical permits. Geotechnical assessment and reporting. Energy efficiency analysis and compliance. Structural and mechanical engineering. And so on.

  5. Top communications is our focus throughout the process of preparing and completing your project, residential or commercial. Throughout, you will follow progress and deliver input for any changes you’d like to see – we will adjust at every stage.

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