Projects & Renovations

Projects  Renovations

General Contracting for Your Projects & Renos

Our professional team has one passion: to make YOU happy. We nurture and enrich your visions, and we bring your visions to life. And we deliver your visions on budget, on time.

Design = our top team brings decades of combined experience and expertise to help you solve your problems and make it beautiful. 

Total cost control = we tell you what materials cost. And we give you options to get the look you want with what you can manage.

Execution that adjusts to you = Total Flexibility. At any time during the project, we will change how the project is unfolding to follow your updated desires and preferences. We understand: you have a better feel for what you want as it goes along.

  • Transform Your Basement for Profit 
    Design and build an income suite - low maintenance and upbeat - to attract and retain top tenants paying top rents.
    Projects  Renovations
  • Awaken your Inner Chef in a Kitchen Built for YOU
    Build brilliant meals in a kitchen that understands a chef's needs and makes it easy to succeed every time. Designed with CJ Katz of the Wheatland Café!
    Projects  Renovations
  • Pamper Yourself with a Bathroom that's about YOU
    The bathroom is for your downtime, to refresh and recharge. Let's make it a place of joy and tranquility.
    Projects  Renovations
  • Honey Sunshine for YOU: Skylights & Sun Tunnels
    The sun's rays rejuvenate and enliven. We can bring the sun into every room.
    Projects  Renovations
  • Chill. Breathe. A Deck that's for YOU to Stretch Out.
    A beautiful and expansive deck is an affordable luxury for everybody!
    Projects  Renovations
  • Strength. Stability. Precise Foundations.
    You have trouble with a crumbling old foundation or you're starting something new? We deliver precision.
    Projects  Renovations

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